Our art is like a big tree -- the trunk represents our founders, board members and staff; each leaf represents an opera production and its artists, which has sprouted from the living tree. The tree grows with a steady delivery of water to nourish it -- this represents our donors without whom we would not be able to provide our service. The beautiful tree and the nourishing water are all shined upon by the everlasting sun, representing our newly established endowment.

Click on the images below to see all who have been a part of our family since 2009. We thank all of you!

Our Music

Our Music

Our Donors

Our Donors

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, BCO is thriving -- and has ended each season 'in the black' since we began in 2009. Baltimore Concert Opera is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your contributions, in addition to being extremely important to our survival and growth, are fully tax deductible.

In our 2018-2019 Season, We give Special thanks to:


The following generous Grantors:


 Our Ad sponsors:


And all of our wonderful INDIVIDUAL Donors:

(Donations made from September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018)

BCO Member Circles

Encore Circle ($35,000 and above)

  • Anonymous
  • Bloomberg Philanthropies

Ovation Circle ($5,000 and above)

  • Anonymous (2)
  • William G. Baker, Jr. Foundation
  • Hilary B. Miller and Dr. Katherine N. Bent
  • Maryland State Arts Council
  • Virginia T. Pond
  • Robert E. and Anne L. Prince

Finale Circle ($2,500 and above)

  • Citizens of Baltimore County
  • John J. Leidy Foundation
  • Lynn Spruill and Mitch Hausman
  • Peter W. Williams

Chorus Circle ($1,000 and above)

  • Jennifer Burdick
  • Marcia Cooke,
    in memory of Terrence M. Cooke
  • Julia and Brendan Cooke
  • Creative Baltimore Fund
  • Charlotte Floyd
  • Allan and Claire Jensen
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, in honor of Ruby Hearn
  • Lewis and Dee Noonberg
  • David and Nancy Paige
  • Fred and Grazina Pearson
  • Allan Starkey
  • Pierre and Catherine Steckmeyer
  • Louis L. Stott Foundation
  • Susan Hihn Tifft
  • Venable Foundation
  • Susan Yager

Duet Circle ($500 and above)

  • Ernest And Linda Czyryca
  • David and Megan Dimmock
  • Rosemary and Jack Eck
  • Louis Gephardt, III
  • John Harris
  • Mimi and John Hatch
  • Phillip and Erika Juengst
  • Courtney Kalbacker and Jeffrey Gates
  • Heather Lockard-Wheeler
  • Stanley Mathews
  • Dawn Lanzalotti O'Croinin
  • Andrew Pappas and Richard Kitson
  • Viveka Ryn
  • John J. Shields
  • Janet Simons
  • Mary Jo and Charles Wagandt

Aria Circle ($250 and above)

  • Anonymous
  • Dr. James M. Anthony
  • Mark Bennett
  • Suzanne and Michael Blair
  • Shaun Carrick and Ronald Griffin
  • Karen Chasen
  • Mari and Hywel Davies
  • Thomas Dekornfeld
  • David and Merle Fishman
  • Don Freeman & Alan Schrum
  • Barbara Hecht
  • Marion Kalbacker, in honor of Courtney Kalbacker
  • Townsend and Bob Kent
  • Timothy Kjer
  • Marc and Heather DeSimone
  • Debra Levay and Jonathan Eifrig
  • Andrew and Jennifer Mammen
  • Robert and Carol Manfredi
  • Sharon and Andrew Nickol
  • Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Oppenheimer
  • Tomeka Tabron, in memory of Curtis Wilkerson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Terrence A. Tobias
  • Tina Trapane
  • Anne Turner, in honor of Brendan and Julia Cooke

Overture Circle ($100 and above)

  • Anonymous (3)
  • Jan and Elliott Badder
  • Harry Brodie
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brown
  • Torrey M. Cooke, in honor of Marcia B. Cooke
  • Robert Craycraft, in honor of Julia Cooke
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chris Daly
  • Ed Dean
  • Colleen and Terry Eberhardt
  • Prof. Timothy Edlund
  • Laura Ellis, in memory of Mary Parrish Renner
  • Dennis and Angela Ferguson
  • Gladys Fernandez, in memory of John Due
  • Wilford and Susan Forbush
  • Marjorie Forster
  • Sue Fuhrmann and Ron Hamlen
  • Dr. Douglas E. Gill and Karen S. Vartan
  • Marcia Grabowski
  • John Greer
  • John Greiner
  • Susan Hahn
  • Ruby Hearn, in honor of Ruby H. Puryear
  • Myra Hettleman
  • Rt. Rev. and Mrs. Robert W. Ihloff
  • Dr. Alexander Liacouras
  • Ralph and Virginia Kass, in honor of Chiara Morgante
  • John Kish
  • Rosa Korobkov
  • Sheldon Langsam
  • Gary Lenz and Vernene Rodgers Lenz, in honor of Daryan and Sean Lenz
  • Dr. Alexander Liacouras
  • Barry Linkner
  • Fred and Judy Lobbin
  • Elizabeth Lockard
  • Sharin and Ryan MacPherson
  • Jeanne E. Marsh
  • Lindy Matheson
  • Diane Matuszak and Rod Summerford
  • Charlie and Angie Harvey
  • Andrea and Ryan McClelland
  • Susan Mcfarland, in honor of John Kish
  • Patricia McKewen Amato
  • Joy Morelos Cantalupo
  • Milagros Morelos
  • Patricia Ozborn
  • Maureen Peterson, in memory of Thomas and Claudia Peterson
  • Elisabet Pujadas
  • Sarah Robinson
  • Vicky and Brett Rogers
  • Marc Romanych and Jacqueline Scott
  • Iris Shepherd, in memory of Jim Shepherd
  • Alex and Patricia Short
  • Marylu Silbergeld
  • William and Jane Sneeringer
  • Leah and Norman Solat
  • David Stambaugh
  • State Farm Companies Foundation, in honor of Gary and Vernene Lenz
  • Jason Hentrich and Jennifer Sullam
  • Dr. Edgar & Betty Sweren
  • Barbara Ellen Thomas
  • Dennis M. Urner
  • Murray West and Therese O'Malley
  • Pan Zheng
  • Joseph Zuccaro
  • Vendini, Inc.

Welcome Circle (up to $99)

  • Anonymous (5)
  • Frank Ackers
  • Susan Albrecht
  • Judith Armold
  • Nina Basu
  • Paul Cassedy
  • Henry and Linda Chen
  • Sungmin Cho
  • Margaret Connolly
  • Robin Corbet
  • Wayne Cottle
  • Roberta Douglass
  • Kathryn Evans Pollin
  • Adam Flake
  • John Foley, in memory of Mary Parrish Renner
  • William Hebrank
  • Sara Hedden
  • Peggy Israel
  • Terry Johnson
  • Cheryl and Daryl Kauffman
  • Nancie Kennedy
  • Ryan Kotowski
  • Daniel Lurie
  • Elizabeth Mace
  • Suzanne Mauris
  • Tyler McCurdy
  • Robert Miller
  • Dagmar Murphy
  • Network for Good
  • Maria Nurminskaya
  • Katelyn O'Brien, in memory of Mary Parrish Renner
  • Joseph Parisi
  • Jacqueline Parry
  • Jillian Phallen
  • Glenn Phillips
  • Monica Reinagel
  • Linda Reynolds-Burkins
  • Ellen Robbins and Joel Spruck
  • Leeann Rock
  • Douglas Ross
  • Douglas Rowland, in memory of Charles and Helen Rowland
  • Jacob Scherber
  • Deletta Scopel, in memory of Ennio Scopel
  • Judi Anderson Seal
  • Marylou and David Smith
  • Albert and Kelli Strauss
  • Margaret Supik
  • William Sutton
  • Alan and Kelly Sweatman
  • Mark Tough
  • Tracey Turner
  • Thomas Umbreit and Ann Winter Odette
  • Gianluca Ursini
  • Christopher Vale and Rita Chelton
  • Carl Waters
  • Jenny Wen
  • Kevin White
  • Donna Will
  • Alie Winfield
  • Aaron Wold
  • Debra Yurenka

Baltimore Concert Opera is grateful to its generous donors and members. We make every effort to make sure our list is correct and up to date. If you believe you are listed incorrectly, or if you have been left off of this list inadvertently, please call us at 443.445.0226 so we may make a correction.