Individual Donors

 BCO lists its generous donors in season program booklets and on our website for the prior fiscal year (September 1st - August 31st ). 

BCO Member Circles

Donations made September 1, 2018 through August 26, 2019
All gifts made by August 31st, 2019 will be included in our 2019-2020 season listings.

Encore Circle ($10,000 and above)
Anonymous (2)
William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund
Maryland State Arts Council

Ovation Circle ($5,000 and above)
Citizens of Baltimore County
Virginia T. Pond
Peter W. Williams

Finale Circle ($2,500 and above)
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
John J. Leidy Foundation
Lynn Spruill and Mitch Hausman

Chorus Circle ($1,000 and above)
Mayor Jack Young and the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts
Jennifer Burdick
Julia and Brendan Cooke
Rosemary and Jack Eck
Charlotte Floyd
Allan and Claire Jensen
Dr. Robert and Mary Jo Moyer
Lewis and Dee Noonberg
Robert E. Prince
Allan Starkey
Louis L. Stott Foundation
Susan Hihn Tifft
Susan Yager

Duet Circle ($500 and above)
Ernest and Linda Czyryca
Heather & Marc DeSimone
David and Megan Dimmock, in memory of Thomas H. Dimmock Jr.
Gladys Fernandez
Marjorie Forster, in memory of David L. Lee
John Harris
James Harp
Mimi and John Hatch
Ruby Hearn
Courtney Kalbacker and Jeffrey Gates
Susan and Stephen Oppenheimer
Andrew Pappas and Richard Kitson
Fred and Grazina Pearson
PNC Foundation, in memory of Mary P. Renner
Viveka Ryn
John J. Shields
Janet Simons
Hugh and Marilyn South
Mary Jo and Charles Wagandt

Aria Circle ($250 and above)
Dr. James Anthony
Michael and Suzanne Blair
Susan and Michael Brown
Karen Chasen
Edward and Marlyn Crump
Tom DeKornfeld
David and Merle Fishman
Louis R. Gephardt, III
Erika and Phillip Juengst
Townsend and Bob Kent
Timothy Kjer
Debra Levay and Jonathan Eifrig
Heather Lockard-Wheeler
Jenna and Andy Mammen
Susan McFarland, in honor of John Kish
Sharon and Andrew Nickol
Dawn Lanzalotti O'Croinin
Elisabet Pujadas
Sarah Robinson
William and Jane Sneeringer
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence A. Tobias
Dennis M. Urner
Michael and Roberta Wentworth
Joseph Zuccaro, in memory of Lucy and John Zuccaro

Overture Circle ($100 and above)
Anonymous (6)
Martha and Robert Armenti
Peg Austin
Dr. and Mrs. Elliot M. Badder
Nina Basu
Linda Berman
Virginia Martino Bland
Stephen Clarke
Karin Colquitt, in memory of Agnes Findeisen
Torrey M. Cooke
Denise and Robert Daly 
Robert Dass and Pamela Wilterdink
Tim and Karol Edlund
Wilford and Susan Forbush
John Greer
John M. Greiner
Ryan Hatch
Heyman Law Firm 
The Rt. Rev. Robert and Mrs. Nancy Ihloff
Robert Johnston 
Elizabeth Kameen
Ralph and Virginia Kass
Sheldon Langsam
Gary and Vernene Lenz, in honor of Daryan and Sean Lenz
Dr. Alexander and Eleni Liacouras
Barry Linkner
Judy and Fred Lobbin
Jeanne E. Marsh
Linda Matheson 
Stanley Mathews
Michele Mazzocco
Veronica McFeaters, in memory of Sofron and Irena Hankewycz
Patricia McKewen Amato
Nancy Mickelsen
Francis Mondimore
Milagros C. Morelos and Joy Morelos Cantalupo
Patricia Ozborn
David and Nancy Paige
Karen Pecoraro
Webster Phillips
Antoinette W. Roades and R.E. Lee Scouten
Carol A. Roberts
Marc Romanych and Jacqueline Scott
Nick Scholl
Aaron Sherber
Alex and Patricia Short
Philip Sticha
Barbara Styrt, in memory of Phyllis Tatsch Christ
George Tankard
Barbara Ellen Thomas
David Thompson
Charles Long and Tina Trapane
Mr. Christopher Vale
Ryan Walter
Wilson Yager, in honor of Susan M. Yager
Pan Zheng

Welcome Circle (up to $99)
Anonymous (3)
Frank Ackers
Judith Armold 
Beverly Bickel
Jerry Alan Bilton
Elizabeth Bishop
Paul Cassedy
Kenneth Dahms
Garber Davidson
Anthony Dewitt
Lisa Dickinson
Stephen Eisenhard
Indra Elangovan
John and Noel Eller
Sue Fuhrmann and Ron Hamlen
Herbert Harwood
Mary Hayden
John Houston
Daryl and Cheryl Kauffman
Alexander Komin
Ryan Kotowski
Rita Lehr
Emily Mahoney
Diane and Rod Summerford
Robert McDiarmid
Dagmar Murphy
Colin Norman
Ann Winter Odette and Thomas Umbreit
Jillian Phallen
Glenn Phillips
James Rose
Jerzy Rzasowski
Penny and Michael Schwarz
George Seal and Judi Anderson Seal
Anne Sessions 
Iris Shepherd, in memory of Jim Shepherd
Leah and Norman Solat
Margaret Supik
Alan Sweatman
Dr. Edgar and Betty Sweren
Lijia Tan
Carol Thomas
Anne Turner
Louis Tyler
Eileen Vining
Harold Wilson
Mike Witkowski

Baltimore Concert Opera is grateful to its generous donors and members. We make every effort to make sure our list is correct and up to date and that we have honored your wishes in how you are listed. If you believe you are listed incorrectly, or if you have been left off of this list inadvertently, please call us at 443.445.0226 so we may make a correction.