An up-close opera experience...

BCO appeals to opera lovers of all stages, especially to the opera aficionado! BCO is a company founded by opera singers and opera lovers. Our format is a window into the up close and personal side of opera you can't see on the grand stage. BCO gives audiences the opportunity to see singers' every gesture and facial expression, to hear the music, and focus on the singing.

BCO is here to serve the art form of opera at large and to complement the grand opera experience. We invite opera aficionados to explore what we offer, and believe you'll come away invigorated, with new friends and new favorite performers -- and even more in love with opera than you were when you walked in the doors of our glorious home at the Engineers Club.

Our patrons describe their experiences at Baltimore Concert Opera:

I have subscribed to the BCO, and have yet to be disappointed. Perhaps it helps that I’ve seen most of the operas performed by BCO in a full-blown production at some point ... but I know that seeing performances at BCO has been a highlight of my cultural experiences in Baltimore.
— a 20+ year former Metropolitan Opera subscriber now living in Baltimore:
“I’ve seen Aida countless times and have always believed I knew it well, but tonight, I got it for the first time. The interaction between the characters was suddenly so clear, and the music came alive in a way I’ve never seen.”
— a long-time BCO patron and lifetime opera lover after BCO’s ‘Aida,’ October 2015
Falstaff was great fun. In addition to the great singing, I enjoy clearly seeing the performers facial expressions. It is wonderful to listen in such a small auditorium. Thank you for all the work you do.
— - Falstaff patron, post-show survey, 2016