Educational Offerings

Baltimore concert opera now offers

educational programs for Kindergarten-5th GRaders

"I can't believe how much they loved it - the kids were laughing and cheering!"


Baltimore Concert Opera's "What is Opera? A Team!" presentation is an interactive, engaging 35-50 minute program that can be tailored to groups large and small, K-5th grade   Facilitated by an experienced teaching artist, students learn about the imagination and teamwork that creates an opera - people who work together to tell a story all at once - like blockbuster movie, but with no second takes, and no microphones! 

Elementary students shake scarves and pretend to be "water" for the "mermaid song" - Rusalka's Song to the Moon.

Elementary students shake scarves and pretend to be "water" for the "mermaid song" - Rusalka's Song to the Moon.

Through energetic narrative and a projected presentation, students discover that opera is the ultimate mash up: music + words + acting + dance + visual art! 

Students learn what opera is and look behind the curtain at opera productions: learning about the scenic, costume, and lighting components of opera.  They also hear about different voice types and how opera singers train their voices to make them louder, stronger and faster - just like an athlete.  Lastly, the opera-singing teaching artist performs selections of operatic classics -- but they need help to perform the songs!  Students join our teaching artist onstage to become a part of the 'opera team' right then and there.

This program focuses on opera, but its message is clear:

In this Italian song by Puccini, Courtney Kalbacker begs her "father" to help her marry her beloved! This elementary student holds his ground and refuses! The kids go WILD!

Whatever you love to do, find your team -- and do it together!

For more information and scheduling contact Courtney Kalbacker, Director of Community Engagement and Education, Fee is on a sliding scale based on number of assemblies, location,  and other factors -  ranging between $250-$750. Minimal onsite requirements include a sound system that can play from a computer, and a projector & screen (BCO can bring own for a small fee).   Some schools may qualify for free assemblies! Contact us for details at 443-445-0226!

This program directly supports Voluntary State Curriculum objectives for General Music in Maryland:

  • The student will respond to music through movement.

  • The student will experience performance through singing and playing instruments.

  • The student will develop awareness of the characteristics of musical sounds and the diversity of sounds in the environment through movement, singing, and playing instruments.

  • The student will become acquainted with the roles of music in the lives of people.

  • The student will develop knowledge of a wide variety of styles and genres through the study of music history.

  • The student will develop the ability to recognize music as a form of individual and cultural expression through experiencing music as both personal and societal expression.

  • The student will explore the relationship of music to dance, theatre, the visual arts, and other disciplines.

  • The student will evaluate selected musical characteristics as they relate to the listener's feelings and preferences.