Expanding Opera Offerings for Baltimore

by Dennis Ferguson, BCO Board President

I love music. I grew up playing classical piano, but my tastes run eclectic. The great thing about living in Baltimore was the ability to see a band play at Hammerjacks or The 8x10 on one night, then listen to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra or the old Baltimore Opera Company on the next. In fact, it was through friends at the old Baltimore Opera Company that I first heard about Brendan Cooke's idea for Baltimore Concert Opera in 2009.

From that initial contact, I started as a volunteer with BCO's first production, Don Giovanni. After a few more productions and a few conversations with Brendan, I was introduced to the board and ultimately joined. Of course I joined! I was tremendously excited to have the opportunity to expand the opera offerings in the city. Baltimore Concert Opera allows existing opera fans hear the music in a new way, while also providing the opportunity for a new audience to become introduced to the power of the voice. It's so rewarding to see new audience members from MICA or Johns Hopkins listening to opera alongside life­long opera lovers. I'm happy to play a part in sharing this timeless music from generation to generation.

- Dennis Ferguson, BCO Board President

Dennis Ferguson has been involved with Baltimore Concert Opera since its inception in 2009, first as a passionate volunteer and later as a board member and chairman of the Technology Committee. As a result of his dedication and devotion to BCO, he was appointed as president of the Board in January, 2013. From a young age, he began developing an interest in classical piano and computer software design. He further developed his technology and management skills at Carnegie Mellon University and University of Maryland. Since college, he has worked for St. Paul Companies and Travelers Insurance. Today, he is employed as a lead IT specialist and project manager at the Social Security Administration. In addition, he also serves as the president of his homeowner’s association and volunteers at his church and other organizations in the Baltimore community. In his remaining time, he enjoys traveling the world with his wife of 9 years.