Baltimore Concert Opera is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your contributions, in addition to being extremely important to our survival and growth, are fully tax deductible. If you would like to provide financial support to Baltimore Concert Opera, this can be done in three easy ways.

1. Online
Donate securely online with a credit card by clicking our “Donate Now” button.

2. By Mail
Send your contribution to:
Baltimore Concert Opera
11 West Mount Vernon Place
Suite 307
Baltimore, MD 21201

3. Stock Transfer
If you would like to contribute via stock transfer, please call us at 443.445.0226 or send an email to requesting routing information.

As we celebrate our fifth anniversary this season, we look ahead to our next five years with three critical priorities:
  • Continued expansion and ongoing presentation of exceptional talent
  • Deepening our engagement and impact with current and future audiences
  • Ensuring administrative and financial stability

Baltimore Concert Opera currently derives approximately 38% of its yearly budget from ticket revenue. Because of this, private donations are incredibly important — essential, in fact. Your contributions enable us to continue to grow as a company, increasing the size of our staff and the quality of our productions. We, the staff and board of BCO, view you, our audience members, as partners in this endeavor. With your help, we’ve already taken extraordinary steps toward financial stability, including capital purchases of lighting equipment, supertitle projection equipment, and our own supertitle library. Ownership of these important items saves us a great deal of money each season by not having to rent them.

Please know that if you choose to support us financially, we look for every way to stretch those dollars. Thank you for your support!

Maryland State Arts Council
Baltimore Concert Opera is supported by a grant from the Maryland State Arts Council, an agency dedicated to cultivating a vibrant cultural community where the arts thrive.

Baker Artist Awards
Baltimore Concert Opera is the recipient of a generous grant from the William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund, creator of the Baker Artist Awards

Baltimore Concert Opera Inc

Donor Circles
(Donations made from September 1, 2012 through August 31, 2013)

$5,000 and above
Susie and Sam Macfarlane

$2,500 – $4,999

Adalman Goodwin Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Virginia T. Pond

$1,000 – $2,499

Marcia Cooke
David and Megan Dimmock
James Harp
Lewis and Dee Noonberg
Robert E. and Anne L. Prince
Peter Williams

$500 – $999

Brendan and Julia Cooke
William R. Curtis
Kathryn Evans Pollin
Kathryn Evans Pollin, in honor of James Harp
Kathryn Evans Pollin, in memory of Maestro LeRoy F. Evans Pollin
Townsend and Bob Kent
Richard Kitson and Andrew Pappas
Andrew and Sharon Nickol
Dr. Frederick Pearson
Noel and Deborah Rose
Jay Rubin and Francis Mondimore
Catherine Choi Steckmeyer
Bill and Lisa Tate

$250 – $499

Suzanne and Michael Blair
Jennifer Burdick
Mari and Hywel Davies
Louis R. Gephardt, III
Barbara Hecht
Leilane Mehler
Ronald S. Pototsky, M.D.
Janet Simons
Dr. George R. Stanley and Mr. George R. Barth
Nelson A. Streett
Susan Hihn Tifft
Robert Woodle

$100 – $249

Ana Altiery and Anamer Castrello
Sam and Trish Bass
Kathleen and Bill Bennett
Virginia Martino Bland
Dick and Jill Breen
Roger and Mina Brunyate
Marilyn Capitanio
Karen Chasen
Alice Cherbonnier
Thomas Cooke
Torrey M. Cooke
Marc and Heather DeSimone
Dennis Ferguson
Gladys Fernandez
Betty Fink
David and Merle Fishman
Robert C. Frey
Franca Gorraz
Marcia Grabowski and Richard Kercz
Denise Gulley, in memory of Gaye June McDaniel
Miriam Hatch
Darlene Helmer, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard T. Helmer
Myra and Kalman Hettleman
Catherine Hiebler
Allan and Claire Jensen
Phillip and Erika Juengst
Elizabeth Kameen
Timothy Kjer
Jeanne Klusewitz
Vernene & Gary Rodgers Lenz
Dr. Alec Liacouras
Barry Linkner
Amy Lipin
Robert and Carol Manfredi
Louis and Diane Marrapodi
Stanley Mathews
William Nelson
John Osborne
Pat Ozborn
Leonard Press and Brenda Jaudon
Jennie Ritter
Jacqueline Scott
Linda Shaver
Aaron Sherber
Robert W. Sherer
John Shields
David and Marylou Smith
Albert and Kelli Strauss
Cynthia Tobias
Tina Trapane
Katharine and Andrew Wardlaw
Dennis and Deloise Wilkie
Valerie Woolston
Joseph Zuccaro
Anne M. Zwick

$50 – $99

Anonymous (2)
Sara Carlton
Combined Federal Campaign
Paul Cassedy
Pat and Ted Connell
Svetlana Conte
Ernest Czyryca
Victoria Dobbins
Betty Feinberg
Cynthia Fields
Bonnijean Fry
Scott and Mary Ellen Gearhart
Kathleen Grayson
Janice Guild
Laurie Hays
Darlene Helmer
Robert F. Hoyt
Jonathan and Beverly Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kass
Ellen Katz
Joann Kulesza
Joseph and Amy Langhirt
Phil Leaf and Mary Bruce Webb
Tanya Lippman Murray
Eugene V. Lynch, Jr.
Dagmar and John Murphy
Kateryna Mychajlyshyn
Ted Niederman
Lane Page
Jeannette Phelps
Suzanne M. Royer
Miguel E. Sainz
Imelda and Theresa Sansone
Nancy Smith
William and Jane Sneeringer
Allan Starkey
Winfield Swanson
Rick Tedesco
Murray West
Elizabeth Wood

$1 – $49

Anonymous (2)
Donald Artz
Mark Bennett
Samantha Buker
Elizabeth Burke
Evert Carter
Karin and Arthur Colquitt
Margaret Connolly
Philip Cregger
John Cunningham
Kenneth Dahms
Vera Danchenko-Stern
Beth Drucker
Eric Easton
Zachary Gorsuch
Lisa Harris
Megan Ihnen
Ronald Kasl
Richard Kay
Aran Keating of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society
Nancie Kennedy
Felicitee Kertis
Sarah Kettler
Thomas and Shazy Hopfenberg King
Carl Kinkel
John Kish
Alexandra Ledbetter
Christopher Lucas
Mary-Lee Lutz
David Marks
Andrea and Ryan McClelland
Mindy Milstein
Erica Moore
Karen Nelson
Kathleen O’Brien
Brenda Ortiz
Victor Popov
Emilia Louise Riccio-Weiner
Nan Roberts
Lawrence Rogers
George Schaffer
Katherine Schofield
Marylu Silbergeld
Cherie Stellaccio
Janet Taylor
Drs. Christopher and Daniella Toomey
Linda Turbyville
Elaine Weisenberg
Rachel Wilkinson

Current season donors
(donations made since September 1, 2013)

Anonymous (1)
Donald and Laurel Artz
Suzanne and Michael Blair
Joanne Bracken
Lauren Brown
Roger and Mina Brunyate
Jennifer Burdick
Marilyn Capitanio
Sara Carlton
Michael D. Connor and Cynthia Cindric
Brendan and Julia Cooke
Alan Cresswell
Victoria Dobbins
Kathryn Evans Pollin
Rachel Farber
Wendell Gaymon III
Louis Gephardt
Barbara Gilbert
James Harp
John and Mimi Hatch
Barbara Hecht
Eve Hilgenberg
Townsend and Bob Kent
Timothy Kjer
Sheldon Langsam
Susan and Samuel Macfarlane
Charles Madonna
Ronald Mayer
Hilary B. Miller and Dr. Katherine N. Bent
Jay Morstein, in honor of the Big Birthday of Dr. Ronald Pototsky
Lewis and Dee Noonberg, in honor of the Big Birthday of Dr. Ronald Pototsky
Mary Oxenham
Frederick Pearson, MD
Maureen Peterson
Virgina T. Pond
Christopher and Karen Rhodovi
William Romani
Noel and Deborah Rose
Suzanne Royer
Barbara Santos
Joe Sauer
Jackie Scott
Theresa Smith
Catherine Steckmeyer
Dr. and Mrs. Rodger Stroup, in honor of J Austin Bitner
Barbara Styrt
Bill and Lisa Tate
Susan Tifft
Tina Trapane
Linda Turbyville
Anne M. Zwick
Kevin White
Dennis and Deloise Wilkie
Peter Williams
Patricia Wilson

Baltimore Concert Opera is grateful to its generous donors. We make every effort to make sure our list is correct and up to date. If you believe you are listed incorrectly, or if you have been left off of this list inadvertently, please call us at 443.445.0226.

Maryland State Arts Council
Baltimore Concert Opera is supported by a grant from the Maryland State Arts Council, an agency dedicated to cultivating a vibrant cultural community where the arts thrive.

Baker Artist Awards
Baltimore Concert Opera is the recipient of a generous grant from the William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund, creator of the Baker Artist Awards

Special Thanks
4 East Madison Inn
The Bach Choir of Baltimore
The Engineers Club
Lyrico Communications
The Lyric Opera House

There are many ways that you can volunteer….

  • Ushering at performances
  • Selling tickets
  • Stuffing envelopes
  • Picking up/returning lighting rentals
  • Picking up artists from airport
  • Offering a home-stay for an artist
  • Do you have a private room in your home where an out of town artist could comfortably stay for a few days? This is a great way to be involved, and get to know a fantastic singer!
  • Helping to prepare grant applications

Essentially, if you have a talent that you think we can use…we’d love to know about it. We are a small group of volunteers ourselves, and we believe that many hands make light work. If you see a way you can help, please e-mail for more information.