Thanks to the generous support of our donors, BCO is thriving -- and has ended each season 'in the black' since we began in 2009. Baltimore Concert Opera is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your contributions, in addition to being extremely important to our survival and growth, are fully tax deductible.

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And all of our wonderful INDIVIDUAL Donors:

(Donations made from September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2016)

Donor Circles
(Donations made from September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2016)

$10,000 and above
William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund
Maryland State Arts Council

$5,000 - $9,999
Hilary B. Miller and Dr. Katherine N. Bent
Virginia T. Pond

$2,500 - $4,999
Robert E. and Anne L. Prince
Susan Yager and James Young

$1,000 - $2,499
Jennifer Burdick
Marcia Cooke in memory of Terrence Cooke
Julia and Brendan Cooke
Harvey Fort
Allan and Claire Jensen
Francis Mondimore
Lewis and Dee Noonberg
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Pearson
Allan Starkey
Catherine Steckmeyer
Susan Hihn Tifft
Peter W. Williams
Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts

$500 - $999
Lauren Brown
Ernie and Linda Czyryca
Rosemary and Jack Eck
John Harris
Phillip and Erika Juengst
Courtney Kalbacker and Jeffrey Gates
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Manfredi
Ben and Dani Schuman

$250 - $499
Barbara Barrett and Glenn King
Page & J Austin Bitner
Suzanne and Michael Blair
Hywel and Mari Davies
Marc and Heather DeSimone
David and Megan Dimmock
Gladys Fernandez in honor of Larry Albretch
Marjorie Forster
Louis R. Gephardt, III
Bob and Townsend Kent
Joseph & Pirjo Mix
Sharon and Andrew Nickol
Andrew Pappas and Richard Kitson
Elisabet Pujadas
James Reynolds
John Shields
Janet Simons
Dennis A. and Deloise H. Wilkie
Robert Woodle

$100 - $249
Dr. James M. Anthony
Mark Bennett
Virginia Bland
Paul Cassedy
Karen Chasen
Karin Colquitt
Margaret Connolly
Thomas Dekornfeld
Drs. Marc and Joan DeSimone
Timothy and Karol Edlund
Alan Ferayorni
Douglas E. Gill
Hedy Gordon
Marcia Grabowski
John Greer
John Greiner
Ryan Hatch
Mimi and John Hatch
Eve Hilgenberg
Susan Johnsen
Dr. Alexander Liacouras
Ralph and Virginia Kass in memory of Chiara Morgante
Cheryl Kauffman
Cantor and Mrs. Thom King
Timothy Kjer
JoAnn Kulesza
Sheldon Langsam
Vernene Rodgers Lenz and Gary Lenz
Barry Linkner
Elizabeth Lockard
Juliana Marin
Michael and Megan Mayes
Bruce Mason
Stanley Mathews
Michele Mazzocco
Andrea and Ryan McClelland
Susan McFarland
Jeffrey Miller
William Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Oppenheimer
Patricia Ozborn
Lane Page
Maureen Peterson in memory of Tom Peterson
Karen Myers Rhodovi and Christopher Rhodovi
Peta Richkus
Carol Roberts
Sarah Robinson
Jacqueline Scott
Preston Shelton
Iris Shephered in memory of Jim Shepherd
Jane and Bill Sneeringer
Diana Spruill
Drs. Kelli and Albert Strauss
Vendini, Inc.
Anne M. Zwick

Donald and Laurel Artz
Samuel Berman
Sara Carlton
Marion Carozza
Ana Castrello
Barbara Conrad
Robert C. and Denise Daly
Betty Feinberg
Scott Hempling
Robert Ihloff
Carol and John Kniotek
Rosa Korobkov
Christina Lamberti in Honor of Barbara Conrad
Dr. Dave Harry Linthicum in memory of Thomas K. Harraras
Jeanne Marsh
Linda Matheson
Patricia McKewen Amato
Dagi & John Murphy
Glenn Phillips
Scott Plank
Monica Reinagel
Suzanne Marie Royer
Brad Schlegel
Noah Spiegel
Suvi and Chase Stock
Winfield Swanson
Dr. Edgar and Betty R. Sweren
Barbara Ellen Thomas
Tina Trapane
Christopher Vale
Murray West
Kevin White
Rachel Wilkinson
Wilson Yager
Dr. I. William Zartman

Anonymous (2)
Rebecca Adami
Bryan Appel
Deborah Bowers
Cody Call
Howai Chan
Cristin Donhauser
Rubi Dunn
Kathryn Evans Pollin
Anne Flood
Mark Fried
Sue Fuhrmann
Logan Gallagher
Peter Hauser
Devon Johnston
Christopher King
Rosa Korobkov
Marla Krogh
Solomon Langermann
Aisha Laws
Edward Masek
Diane Matuszak
Robin McKenzie and Tom Finucane
Russell Miller
Randall Moore
Tara Mulligan
Dmitry Nurminsky
The Kilted Olive
Mark Pretzat
Maryam Qasim Agha
Dorothy Readmond
Anna Richmon
Ellen Robbins
Gloria Romeo
David Salikof
Dennis Urner
Tatiana Vashchilko
Lili Velez
Carl Waters
Jenny Wen
Shatoya Williams
Nadine Zsebenyi

Current season donating members (donations made since September 1, 2016)

Anonymous (4)
Donald and Laurel Artz
John and Valerie Astin
Chris Beyrer
Lauren Brown
Cody Call
Opus Concert Theatre - Cantrelle
Evert Carter
Paul Cassedy
Marcia Cooke
Ernest and Linda Czyryca
Anthony Dewitt
David and Megan Dimmock
Rosemary and Jack Eck
Kathryn Evans Pollin
Gladys Fernandez
Charlotte Floyd
Wilford and Susan Forbush
Mary Fried in memory of Hannah S. Fried
Louis Gephardt, III
John Greiner
James Harp
Leigh Kalbacker and Brian Stilwell
Marion and David Kalbacker
Daryl and Cheryl Kauffman
Bob and Townsend Kent
Timothy Kjer
Rosa Korobkov
Sheldon Langsam
Dr. Alec Liacouras
Jennifer Mammen in memory of Adele Stein
Robert and Carol Manfredi
Jeanne Marsh
Colleen McDonough
Leilane Mehler
Francis Mondimore
Julianne Montes De Oca
Robert Moyer
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Oppenheimer
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Pearson
Maureen Peterson in memory of Thomas E. Peterson
Robert E. and Anne L. Prince
Elisabet Pujadas
Joel Spruck and Ellen Robbins
Carol Roberts
Sarah Robinson
George Seal
Melissa Sheow
Alex and Patricia Short
Janet Simons
William and Jane Sneeringer
Spirits of Mt. Vernon
David Stambaugh
Catherine Steckmeyer
Edward Steinhouse
Hannah Susorney
Alexis Tantau
Cynthia and Terrence Tobias
Mary Jo and Charles Wagandt
Dennis and Deloise Wilkie
Jack and Byrd Wood
Susan Yager and James Young
Anne M. Zwick in honor of Julia and Brendan Cooke

Baltimore Concert Opera is grateful to its generous donors and members. We make every effort to make sure our list is correct and up to date. If you believe you are listed incorrectly, or if you have been left off of this list inadvertently, please call us at 443.445.0226.