This is our Operations Director, Nicole! She is at every show, so be sure to say "hello!"

This is our Operations Director, Nicole! She is at every show, so be sure to say "hello!"

No need to be nervous! At Baltimore Concert Opera we love to welcome fresh faces to our beautiful venue! Although our ballroom is from the 19th century - we aren't! We invite you to relax, have fun, and explore a legendary art form. Grab a drink at the bar and bring it with you to your seat, chat with friends and make some new ones during intermission. Find our staff and board members (we have name tags!) milling about and say "hi!".  We'd love to get to know you and hear your thoughts! 

Now, for some frequently asked questions:


What SHOULD I wear?

You will probably feel most comfortable in business casual attire, but the opera is a great excuse to dress up more formally as well! Our guests dress in khakis, cocktail dresses, jackets, dresses and suits - please no jeans or T-shirts. The most important thing is to celebrate a great night out!

Note: Our ballroom IS a historic space. Although we do our best to try to keep the space at a perfect temperature, the gilded age architecture, stage lights, and full audiences tend to keep temps fluctuating - we advise bringing layers to maintain your perfect personal temperature!

Will I understand what's being sung?

Think of opera like a foreign movie - we have fantastic supertitles in English that hang right above the stage.  You can also read the synopsis in your program for a general summary of the plot, but you don't need to prep.  No matter the language being sung, we always have supertitles right there to help you out!

Do opera singers use microphones?

Nope! (The little antennae-like things on top of our music stands are actually just lights to see their music!). This creation of un-amplified, unfiltered sound is what makes opera singing so special and so important to hear live, first-hand. Opera singers train for years, like athletes, in order to create the massive, powerful gorgeous tones using their well-developed breathing muscles, intricately trained vocal cords, and perfectly utilized resonators (the spaces in their heads and chests which actually help carry the sound to the audience!). When highly-trained opera singers combine this fascinating technique with words and acting - opera is born.  At Baltimore Concert Opera, you can see them up-close, just a few feet away from your seat! (Note: sometimes opera singers do use mics in outdoor arenas or similar settings, where there are extenuating circumstances, but that's not what we do at BCO!)

But isn't opera too expensive for me?

Our tickets for our concert operas start at $29.50; Thirsty Thursdays at the Opera (tasting events) are just $29 in advance. This is less than most every live event on Ticketmaster these days and DEFINITELY less than a Ravens ticket! Anybody can come to Baltimore Concert Opera!